What is the relevance of your services? How would it improve our business?

We provide a complete package of services that will help a lot in making your business more profitable than ever. Each service we offer plays a very important role— from content creation and planning, social media management, digital advertising campaigns, website management to booking management. And what makes our company different from other digital marketing company is its specialization in tourism, hospitality, and e-commerce.

Does TravellerPx interact with client’s comments on social media (i.e. on Facebook)? 

One thing TravellerPX do for clients is managing and growing the clients’ social media engagement. This involves responding to questions, queries, and comments left by audiences/online users on their social media pages. The clients have the freedom to moderate or remove comments they think are not appropriate to their brand.

Granted that we are signing up a contract with your company, how would we know that your services helped us increase our profit? Will you be providing a (qualitative/quantitative) report?

Yes, we do. We provide a monthly report and analysis of all the activities to make sure you know you’re getting your money's worth.

Should you have a site where we can track everything you do for our company?

We will provide you a platform that you can access anytime you want. This platform will contain media assets (photos and videos), content planner (scheduled posts, calendar of events), and reports (Facebook, IG, Google ads analytics as well as booking reviews)

Is your customer service available all the time? If not, tell us when can we contact and what is the contact number?

Yes. We can be reached at any time, from Mondays to Sundays. Holidays may be an exception.


Our contact numbers are:

Philippines  +63 998 319 5196
Hong Kong +852 5485 8130

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia +66 06 356745

Australia, Japan & Indonesia +61 448084284

Our website also has a chat option.

How do you utilize SEO? How does it work? 

We use SEO for increasing our clients’ Google ranking and for reaching customers across the world. 


For our hotel clients, they usually pay booking engines to sell rooms and give them commissions. This takes away more money from the hotels. We use SEO to improve the hotels’ search engine ranking and get on top of the booking engines.


For all our clients including e-commerce, if customers see their businesses listed on the top-most part of the search engine, they are most likely to click on their website and most likely to book or shop via the website. One of our goals is to make more direct reservations and traffic.


SEO helps businesses get ahead of their competition, establish their credibility (when they have a higher ranking on Google, increase their brand awareness, profitability as well as traffic to their website.

Would you create us a brand new website or would you just update our existing one? 

It depends on what website you have. We will have to examine your website before deciding whether we should create a new one or just update your existing website. If we think your website is in need of a full makeover, we will develop a new responsive website for you. Developing a new website for your business is always recommended, although it will incur additional charges (which you will have to finance/pay for). For our current clients, we created new and interactive modern websites that are easier to navigate and has a better user interface.

Can you share one best practice in making/maintaining an interactive website?

When we create and develop websites for our clients, we want to make sure that the website is responsive, dynamic and up-to-date. Our team is very proactive and we pay close attention to details. We use a website builder especially made for hotels and it has an app that lets us easily monitor and maintain them.

Can you develop us an app if we ask you to? If we ask you to do other things that are not included in your services, would you be able to do it?

Yes, we can. However, additional projects will be excluded from the basic monthly fee, which means you will have to pay for other extra charges.

have more questions for us?

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Philippines  +63 998 319 5196

Hong Kong +852 5485 8130

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia +66 06 356745

Australia, Japan & Indonesia +61 448084284